Cyberworks Academy Opens Doors in Augusta

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cyberworks academy

We don’t want to bore you with the stats but suffice to say the need for cybersecurity talent far outpaces qualified candidates. What’s more, the average annual salary for infosec pros is roughly $80,000.

And if that we’re not enough good news for those seeking a career in the field, most cyber jobs don’t require a degree. However most, if not all well-paid positions, require specific certifications. We learned this and more at the grand opening of Cyberworks Academy in Augusta last month.

According to Eric Zückerman, their Chief Academic Officer, “Cyberworks Academy is a place where people can learn cyber skills that prepare them for industry level certification exams and existing cyber careers…all without going to college.”

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The school is joint venture between Cape Augusta, a local real estate development company, and UMBC Training Centers.

Their programs are designed to deliver a variety hands-on training programs for cybersecurity, information technology, and project management professionals.  Classes span from a few days to one month, depending on the courses selected.

Cyberworks Academy is located in the Sibley Mill complex, a part of the Augusta Cyberworks Campus where students can look forward live, work and play close to downtown Augusta.

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