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Interview With Schuster Braun, Code Boot Camp Instructor At The Clubhouse

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Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I like music, late night conversations at coffee shops, and systems architecture. I am the web development boot camp instructor at The Clubhouse, which is such a great opportunity. I am a Navy veteran where I was immersed in technology. I attended Vets Who Code, a coding boot camp, where I got to work with Javascript. They gave me the skills enough to land my first developer job at a local marketing agency.

What are your best technical or creative skills?

I think that the best skill that I bring to the table is an obsession with overcoming technical challenges. In the military sometimes I was told to do stuff that I had no idea how to do and didn’t have Google, or Stack Overflow to help. But it needed to get done. I try and bring that drive forward in my civilian life. I am definitely not saying that I don’t ask for help. I feel like at work I ask questions to a point of annoyance. (What is an N-ary tree? How would you make this responsive? Do we really care that much about BEM?). This constant questioning leads to documentation, which I have found raises the standard, pushing systems improvement.

Why the interest in the technology field?

I’m interested in technology for a couple reasons that I can think of. More recently, my interest in tech developed in the Navy. My team was asked to solve technical problems and I felt an overwhelming sense of personal duty to solve those challenges.

How do you stay informed on emerging trends?

I listen to Podcasts: Front End Happy Hour, Syntax FM, Code Newbie. I follow as many great JS engineers, organizations, and tech groups as I can on Twitter. On Youtube I have been working on watching as many Java Script Conference (JSConf), Fun Fun Function, and Uncle Bob Martin videos as I can. I’m a huge proponent of Slack, the Vets Who Code, and the Clubhouse Slack channels have great discussions about front end tools, and challenges facing knowledge workers.

A huge resource in Augusta are all of the meetups. I personally organize one called the Augusta Developer where a group of developers Meet up monthly to talk about developer issues and projects. Obviously, I also follow on Twitter, email, and Facebook Tech Talk Augusta for all my local tech news.

What’s next on your list to learn?

Up until a few months ago, I have been working with Jquery. But I have been interested lately in build processes such as Webpack, Gulp, and NPM. I have also been looking into Vue to assist in building more scaleable and extendable User Interfaces. After that Vue is a launching point or a clean point of which to delve more deeply into JavaScript’s fundamentals. Things that I have been learning are data-structures, accessibility considerations, 3JS (WebGL), PUG/SASS templating, and because I work in front-end: Adobe tools.

What questions should we have asked, but didn’t?

A question I would ask myself is, why is it important to be involved in a community of professionals, and how does one get involved?

Knowledge based careers all have high rates of impostor syndrome. In my opinion it is important that passions for curiosity and intelligence are paramount for advancement of a tech based economy. It is my belief that knowledge workers need to come together and form communities. It is from communities of support that innovation springs. My advice is to find meetups in the area, follow thought leaders on social media, and generally push your tools to their breaking points.


The application deadline for the next Code Boot Camp at is Friday December 7th. Find out more info here

Jamie Introcaso

Jamie Introcaso

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