Tech Talent

Interview with Powerserve’s Jamie Introcaso

Jamie Introcaso

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Jamie Introcaso, full stack developer at Powerserve in downtown Augusta. I live with my wife and two cats. I enjoy tinkering in my home lab and over-complicating my home network. I also am a huge Justin Timberlake fan. Probably more than my wife.

What are your best technical or creative skills?

I think I am best at architecting solutions to business needs. I really enjoy getting on a white board and just drawing out the problem and what my solution is going to look like starting out. It rarely ends up that way, but as someone who is pretty visual I can think about the problems much easier this way. Once I get into the details, it is nice to have that white board drawing, or at least a picture of it, to refresh my thinking about the solution.

Why the interest in the technology field?

After high school, I got into running sound for bands. I did that for a good bit of time, travelling around the country some and spending some time in Nashville at the end, but decided to come back to Augusta to settle down with my now wife and finish my college degree. I had always liked tinkering with electronics and seeing how technology was affecting every job that I ever had, I decided to get my degree in Computer Science. It was a great opportunity to merge my hobby and interest with a degree in a field that was definitely a growing one with little sign of slowing down.

How do you stay informed on emerging trends?

Podcasts is probably the way I stay most informed. You can get a pretty good primer about some topic or technology in that hour or so. There have definitely been a couple of time where I have heard about something that just hit me like, “Oh, that is a much better way to solve a problem that I have been having on a project at work!” Reddit I have found to be a pretty good resource as well. There are a couple of subreddits that I follow like r/dotnet and r/programming that have some interesting articles and discussions. Once I find something interesting, I will normally head online to Pluralsight or some other video learning resource to figure out some ways to use it and best practices.

What’s next on your list to learn?

Gosh, I have a Raspberry Pi sitting around the house that I need to do something with. I want to learn some IoT stuff to do with it. I have been working on a project in the manufacturing field for the past couple of years and seeing how they use some embedded systems to get all kinds of data has really sparked some interest in me with seeing what the capabilities of doing something with the Pi.

I probably will start to learn a javascript front end framework in the next couple of months. Having that big disconnect between the front end and the back end of an application is pretty interesting. I would be interested to see how having an agnostic front end changes how you think when developing something, the impact of that separation of concerns between back end and front end.

I also need to learn more about Azure. Since I mostly work in the Microsoft stack, it is going to be one of those skills I am going to need to have. Honestly, I am probably a little behind on it from where I think I should be. There is just SO much out there to learn. It can get a little overwhelming sometimes.

What is the most exciting thing technology-related you have seen in the local community?

Man, there is just so much going on with all of the cyber related industry coming into town, that is really neat to see. I find all the things that some of the manufacturing facilities are doing with all this data they can capture now and how they can use that for turning out some predictive analysis on things is just crazy. It just seems like as I get more involved in the community I see all this other cool stuff going on that I just wasn’t aware of in my little part of it. We are just so fortunate to have all of these different industries and areas here in Augusta: military, education/medical, financial and banking, manufacturing, and energy. And they all are using technology as they strive to grow and build better and better things. To me, it is one of the coolest things about this town! I can’t wait to see how things here in the CSRA will change in not even the next 10 years.